What we do:

Security for the Board supports CISOs, CEOs, and Directors who have to put security issues in the context of the entire enterprise.

  • We focus on cyber-security, cognitive security, and enterprise security architecture, and we also have top flight experts on physical, personnel, operations, and other security disciplines.

  • We have well defined processes for helping top executives make critical decisions and present them to boards and other top executives.

  • We work on a retainer basis as advisory boards and provide both periodic processes and urgent support services to our client base.

Our leadership:

Dr. Fred Cohen heads our advisory boards and services. He has been advising enterprises, their CEOs, and their CISOs on Security and Risk Management strategies and issues for more than 4 decades.

  • As an (ISC) Fellow, he is one of the most trusted experts in cyber security and risk management in the world, one of only 23 individuals awarded with this designation to date.

  • His ahead-of-the-curve research, analysis, and frameworks, bring significant strategic advantages to our clients.

  • He has advised hundreds of top executives over many years, including advising many of the largest enterprises in the World, scores of early stage and growth companies, investment funds, and government agencies.

Email to engage in a conversation with Dr. Cohen about our advisory services.