You have an urgent need requiring real expertise.
You send a quick note to your Executive Advisory Board.
You get an initial response back within hours.
Want more help? Arrange a follow-up call.

What we do:

We advise CISOs, CEOs, and Directors on cyber-related risks.

  • We focus on cyber, cognitive, and operational risks in the context of the whole enterprise.

  • We use mature processes and seasoned experts to advise on and justify decisions.

  • We provide monthly advisory board meetings and fill more urgent needs between meetings.

Our team:

Our experts are well seasoned CxO-level enterprises executives with strong consulting and advisory backgrounds.

  • We understand that enterprises take risks for rewards, and can help find a reasoned path forward.

  • We know how to communicate effectively at the CxO and board level.

  • We are well connected to specialized resources and can bring them to bear when needed.

Our leadership:

Dr. Fred Cohen heads our advisory services. He has advised enterprises on cyber-related strategies and critical decisions for more than 4 decades.

  • As an (ISC) Fellow, he is one of the most trusted experts in cyber security and risk management in the world, one of only 23 individuals awarded with this designation to date.

  • His ahead-of-the-curve research, analysis, and frameworks, bring significant strategic advantages to our clients.

  • His tools provide a more efficient and effective use of expert time in making better decisions through our advisory services.

  • His leadership has brought an outstanding cadre of world-class experts together to form this unique service offering.

Email to engage in a conversation with Dr. Cohen about our advisory services.