The Day After

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I should have thought of it earlier, but after a good night's rest, I figured out how to respond to the Web sites which put up a push button in support of the attack. I altered by telnet response to output text that Web browsers would interpret so as to tell the person accessing the Web page about the attack and direct them to complain to the owner of the Web page that misdirected them to our site. It temporarily turned their attack into my advertisement.

The FBI called back early in the day to let me know that they don't have the resources to investigate any crime resulting in less than $40,000 at any given site, not including the time taken be people in the process of defending the site. In other words, anybody that wants to steal $39,900 per site in a global spree of computer crime will not be chased by the FBI.

Later in the day, I called the California High Tech Task Force because the main perpetrator was in California, a state known for its strong stand on Computer Crime. Unfortunately, the California High Tech Task Force was not in that day, so they couldn't help me at that time. They did, however get back to me, and they have expressed a willingness to investigate further.

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