CyberLab User Manual

Chapter 1 - Performing pre-built experiments

Copyright(c), 2014-5 Fred Cohen - All Rights Reserved

You will learn:

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The menu on the left

Menu items on the left provide different built-in and Internet-based functions supporting the CyberLab. If you are not also Internet connected, only the CyberBox functions will work. The rest of the functions are accessible from the Internet by going to

The top area returns to the top level "home page" area. Under that are the mechanisms for accessing the CyberBox in different ways:

The X11 interface and getting help

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System shutdown

Pull out the power connector. The file system is "journaled" and therefore stable, returning (usually) to the initial state except for anything you changed. As long as you don;t change anything in the directories used by the system, power down and up should get you into the same ability do things you had when you last did an update.

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