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Read our introduction to Decider to understand how to use it.

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What it does

Decider graphically displays one or more 'simple' decisions involving multiple factors.

  • Each factor is moved through the space of importance and favorability
  • The COG (target) and Mean (diamond) show the weighted (and unweighted) averages of the factors in the decision.
  • Upper right is a clear yes, upper left a clear no, further down is less clear...
  • Add more factors and move them around relative to each other to make up your mind.
  • Then take a screenshot to justify it to others.
  • Use side by side mode (1x2, 1x3, ...) to compare alternatives side by side.

How it Works

Start by doing "Add Factor" to get your first factor on the screen.

  • Move it around with your mouse.
  • Change the name and description and "Update Factor" to save on the screen.
  • "Save" to a file so you can load it up later.
  • "Load" to load a previously stored one. NOTE IT LOADS OVER TOP OF THE CUIRRENT ONE
  • "Del Factor" to get rid of the currently selected factor.
  • Browser reload clears all decisions and you can load saved ones from there..