Electronic Sources of Information Training Program (ESOI)
Export Program of the Financial Fraud Institute, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

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Hosted by Sandia National Laboratory
Department of Energy, Livermore, California through the good offices of Dr. Fred Cohen http://all.net

Sandia is networked with the ASCI Red Supercomputer, the world's first Teraflop computer

Date: March 22-26 (Registration forms must be returned before March 1, 1999)
Co-ordinator: Kevin Manson, Financial Fraud Institute, FLETC, Building 210, Glynco, Georgia 31524

912-267-2314 voice;  912-267-2500 fax


Tuition $595

If you have received this registration form via e-mail, you may register via the Internet by sending this form completed to the program co-ordinator at the following address: mailto:cybercop@sprynet.comIf you wish to send this form in a secure fashion I will send you my PGP public key

A confirmation response will be e-mailed to you.

If you have received this form in hard copy you may return the completed form via snail-mail or fax (see contact information above)

Program information

Space is only  available on a "first come - first served" basis.Since this is a "hands-on-line" program, which requires a facility where participants will have high-speed access to the Internet and specialized databases, there will be a limit of 20 participants enrolled in the program.Instructor Bios and referrals to participants in prior programs provided on request.


The Program will include coverage of the following topics:

Online Undercover and Sting Operation tools and methods

The Internet as an Investigative, Research and Educational Environment

New DOJ Principals for Online Investigations

Cryptography for Cybercops

Hacker Attack and Counter-Measures ("Cyber Officer Safety")

Overview of Law Enforcement and Commercial Databases

Relations with ISP's

"DIGI-TEXT and PGP 6.0 Business Edition Software"

Students will be provided with a "digital student text" as well as the traditional binder. This electronic text is on a CD-ROM and contains over 600 megabytes of source and reference materials related to the Internet and other online materials of interest to a criminal investigator or analyst. Students will also be provided with Licensed software from Network Associates (PGP 6.0.2 Business edition)

  Program Objectives:

This program's focus is on the use and understanding of the Internet as an investigative, research and educational environment with a heavy emphasis on "Cyber Officer Safety" (OS, Browser and communications security)

At the conclusion of this program of training, participants will have demonstrated through completion of several laboratory exercises that they have a functional knowledge of:

1.  Technical vulnerabilities, capabilities and limitations of online undercover investigations and resources to combat information warfare and counter-surveillance (Back Orifice, Net Bus, Viruses, distributed coordinated and stealth attacks, etc.)

2.    Legal and Ethical considerations regarding the collection, dissemination and storage of data from online sources (DOJ Principals for Online Investigations)

3.    Scope and coverage of Public Records Databases and Law Enforcement Databases.

4.    Strategies and tools used to search, retrieve, catalog and analyze online data for criminal investigations or background investigations (DNS Tools, Search Engines, Indexes, Bookmarks, Newsgroups, IRC, Relations with ISPs)

5.    Use of encryption and anonymity technologies to protect data integrity, privacy and provide authentication of users and disseminators of data. Also covered will be how to recognize and deal with encrypted data during investigations (Onion Routing, Certificate Servers, Anonymous Remailers, Security Tools, Listservs)

6.    Use of online services to network with law enforcement and private sector resources, to maintain proficiency in the field through the use of online distance learning technologies and conduct research in investigative areas of interest (FBI's LEO, World Justice Information Network, Extranet for Security Professionals).

Program Notes

Assignments for certain exercises may be submitted from or to instructional staff during the training program via encrypted e-mail. Selected student text course reading materials may be assigned to registered students via e-mail prior to the course of instruction.

To facilitate the special or unique needs of a sponsoring agency, minor changes to, and some substitution in the program of instruction, can be accommodated. Any such request  should be clarified and coordinated with program coordinator well before the beginning of a training program.

Important Program Information and Prerequisites: This is not an entry level program. All participants must be familiar with the use of Internet browsers, e-mail and the Windows operating system. All participants must have a useable e-mail address prior to the program where pre-program reading materials can be sent.

Billing for the Program will not occur until AFTER the completion of the program. Do not remit any payment until a bill is recieved


 Please note that all information requested is necessary to register. Important note: Travel and housing accommodations are the responsibility of the attendee. Dress is professional casual (i.e., no blue jeans, shorts, t-shirts or thong sandals). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the program coordinator.

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ESOI schedule 1999     March 22-26 / August 16-20