Tue Mar 10 20:43:03 PDT 2015

Overarching: Promises: What promises does the business make, to whom, and why? How do they relate to information?


Describe the promises made, to whom they are made, and why. How do they relate to information and information technology?


What is promised must be fulfilled to the extent feasible in the information protection program.

Example: CVA promises the citizens of Vancouver to permanently preserve authentic city records selected for preservation and to provide access to those properly preserved records to authorized people in a timely fashion.

Example: JFI promises to safely hold client assets and return them with interest whenever and wherever the client wants them.

Example: FCA promises client confidentiality, competent expertise in areas identified, and honest independent opinions.

Example: JIC promises that if you die, your beneficiaries will get paid the face amount on the policy.

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