Fri Apr 8 06:47:16 PDT 2016

Overarching: How does the archive describe itself and why this effort is being undertaken?


[Archive name] ([Abbrev.]) is a [micro- / small- / medium- / large- ] [private / public] [business/government type and nature]. They [one simplistic sentence version of what they do - not from standard corporate literature]. They operate at budget/revenues of ~[#] and have assets valued at about $[#].

[Abbrev.] has [~#] workers of which [#] are employees and [# are type ...]. They operate at [# locations] of [# types] [describe types]. They have [#] computers per employee and [#] computers per [site type]. They also support [different types of information-related things and sorts].

[Abbrev.] asked [US] to undertake this [study / initial assessment / periodic review / protection posture assessment / emergency review / other] to [assess / review / characterize / identify / etc.] [details].


The description is up to the Client. The information is used throughout the process to help characterize the different facets of the business and how they relate to the protection program.

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