Why we are losing the War on Cybercrime and our Freedoms Along the Way

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Table of contents

The Structure of Information Protection


Who am I?

My Jobs


The Great Wall

The Great Wall

The Great Wall

The Great Wall

Along comes an excuse

Examples of poor defenses

Poor Cyber Defenses

Why are they bad defenses?

Why they are used

How tight can they squeeze?

Real patriotism

Look at some laws

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Why Defenses Fail

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PA Ruling on Privacy

Lawyer Client Privilege

FAA searches and seizures

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Why Cyber Defenses Fail

Threat mis-assessment

The Maginot Line

Why we are losing

Winning example

Recent FBI Raid

More on losing

Some other cases

Justice ill served

Why it is failing

Lack of Science

Lack of Science II

Lack of research

Lack of Seed Corn

Lack of management comprehension

The Great Wall

Is the age of enlightenment ending?

It Can't Happen?

War powers and abuse

Turning it around

Who am I?

I believe in science and serious study as the asnwer

I believe in freedom

Secure in our homes

Balance of Interests

Equities Issues

How do we tell what's right?

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Author: Fred Cohen

E-mail: fc@all.net

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