The Structure of Information Protection

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The Structure of Information Protection

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The Great Wall

The Maginot Line

Iraq’s dug in armies

Why Defenses Fail

How Cyber-Defenses Fail

Viruses in TCBs

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Minimum firewall costs

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E-commerce Holes

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The Christma, Mellisa, LoveBug

Why Cyber Defenses Fail

Threat mis-assessment

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Winning example

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The Challenge

Threats Vulnerabilities &Consequences

The threats are real

What/Who Causes Harm?

We are vulnerable+

Examples: corruption

Examples: denial of services

Examples: information leaks

50 Ways and 40 attacks/month

Mechanisms (94 classes)

Some more facts and figures

Personal consequences

Business Consequences

Social Consequences

Global Consequences

T&V&C=> Risk

We manage risk

Approaches to Managing Risks+

An Analytical Approach

Limiting Complexity

A Feedback Control Model

An organizational approach

Organizational change process

A risk staging approach

Risk handling can be staged as

A Gaming Approach

The Network Game

Risk Analysis Approaches


Risk Management Summary

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Author: Fred Cohen


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