Release 3.0.2

Release 3.0.2 of the Bootable CD has new and extraordinary powers - well - almost. In version 3.0.2 we have added several new applications and capabilities, but these pale in comparison to the improvements in the X11 windowing system menus and the automation that goes behind them. By making standard decisions for installation and execution of many of the most commonly used tools and building our own interfaces using perl and lisp, we have enhanced the ease of use of our CDs beyond anything in the market today.

In our trial runs, users who had never run Linux before were able to start building useful Linux-based networks from scratch in 16 hours. Typically, tasks like network browsing are up within 5 minutes of the first time the users puts a White Glove in their computer, functions like network vulnerability scans are working within a few minutes of them discovering their presence, and even normally complex tasks like setting up a DNS server or email (smtp) server take only a minute or two.

We also got ambitious and added features like spreadsheet and checkbook software to the system, put in menu-based systems for controlling processes, added a few new open source tools, put in our own network setup software, augmented encrypted file system support, put in our whois GUI with collection of full data from DNS and other entries, and the list goes on and on. You can even add your own custom menus, and did we mention steganography software?

OK - so you get the idea. We do more things more automatically on a smaller CD that comes up more quickly and is easier to use, more stable, and more secure than anything else in the market. The best part of it comes when we see folks who try the CDs out walking around with them in their shirt pockets all the time. One fellow is even thinking of trading in his MAC for a PC so he can boot up on White Glove and pop on and off of networks more easilly.

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List of Some Included Programs

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