Who Uses Our Bootable CD?

Federal Law Enforcement: FLETC uses Bootable CDs to train law enforcement on digital forensics, network investigation, and other aspects of cyber policing.

DoD: Two DoD agencies have been supported by Bootable CD distributions, one in a custom distribution of specially developed Government Only software and the other in support of training and forensics work.

A Consulting Practice: A custom presentation CD allows one group to go on road trips with full remote access and built-in presentations without lugging PCs or portables through airport security.

Custom Business Cards: One Bootable CD was rigged to act like a business card when plugged into a PC running Windows, while it acts as a Linux system when booted from the CD.

Bootable CD Firewall: One commercial firewall supplier has selected our Bootable CD as their distribution for their newest firewall - designed to counter distributed denial of services attacks.

Educational Bootable CD: A Major University uses our Bootable CDs for its over-the-Internet digital forensics classes to provide students with a tool to allow them to analyze their home computers.

Home-based Business: Some home-based businesses use our Bootable CD as a firewall for their cable modem.

Remote Internet Access Point: Our Bootable CD is starting to become popular as a remote Internet access device. Instead of trusting (and reconfiguring) systems at a remote site, many users now reboot the system from our Bootable CD and use it to remotely access their home systems. They get a standard operating environment with the tools they need pre-configured.

Research Laboratories: Several research laboratories have now started using our Bootable CD to do repeatable scientific experiments with identical initial conditions.

Large Corporations: Our Bootable CD is starting to be used by major corporations for internal and customer service tasks.

Remote Maintenance: Our Bootable CD has been used to repair systems at a distance by having a local user boot up under the Bootable CD and type a few commands to get the system configured for remote maintenance.