Educational CDs

These CDs are designed to teach how to use Linux to do user and networking tasks by walking you through it as you do it.

After you boot up from our CD, you will learn by doing everything you read about. Within minutes you will have the X11 Windowing system running and start to configure your system to run on the Internet. You will learn how to use Linux by doing it step by step as you learn about it.

No installation is required, and on White Glove you are up under Linux in a few minutes without making changes to your existing PC hardware - with your hard-disk file systems protected along the way.

Under our White Glove learning environment, you can do things that you wouldn't normally do on your system. Like intentionally running out of storage or memory space to see how the system acts during an overload - or creating a process virus that slows your computer to a near stand-still - and trying to recover from it. All under the safety of the White Glove environment.

Don't just read about it - do it.

Here's what you will learn about and do with the Introduction to Using Linux course:

Here's what you will learn about and do with the Linux Networking course:

On White Glove, you don't just read about it - you do it.

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