Boot WG from your CD-ROM.
Login as 'root' no password needed.
Proceed through the following commands more or less in sequence as desired.

Command Quick summary
Internal services:
login Logging in
service pcmcia start Enable PCMCIA cards to be used
WGsec Enhanced Security Mode
samba Windows Recovery
Start X11:
startx Start X11
mouseconfig Configure mouse (ONLY if startX fails on your mouse!)
Operate from X11:
X11 menus The X11 mouse menus
X11 Assistance:
[right click] Open X11 menu (in the open window area)
[left click] Menu selection (in the X11 menus)
[left click] copy text (in most eindows)
[center click] paste text (once copied middle button pastes)
Get on the network:
pump Start DHCP networking
pppd Start ppp networking
ifconfig Start static IP networking
route Add static routes for traffic
depmod -a ipchains Turn on IPchains rather than IPtables for firewalling
Start network services:
service sshd start Start ssh daemon (better set passwords first)
service sendmail start Start mail reception program
service identd start Start identification daemon
smbmount Mount SMB (Windows) network file systems
mount Mount local or NFS file systems
webser Start the web server
fixtime Run network time protocol to set time
see See the current chat session
say Communicate into the current chat session
seesay See and say in X11
Disk acessibility if desired:
we (or rw) Write Enable disks
wl (or ro) Write lock disks (initial setup)
diskwipe Wipe out disk contents
dd Disk Dump (duplicate disk byte for byte)
pd Partition Table Decoder
findimages find images on a disk
p print files to local printers
np network print files to networked printers
me Micro Emacs
vi Visual editor (hardly)
pico Pine Corrector
Calculators: HP-like calculator (RPN) TI-like calculator Eval calculator
interestcalc Interest calculator Retirement calculator
Installation on hard disks:
WGin Install White glove on the hard disk
WGup Update installation from a new CD
WGout Remove the WG install - leave the data alone
Autostartups Using floppies to autoconfigure WG startups
track Downloading web sites en masse
IP Tools:
ethereal Ethereal network analyzer
snort Snort network responder
whisker CGI-BIN vulnerability scanner
npulse Web-based network monitoring tool
nessus Remote security scanner
xprobe ICMP-based system fingerprinting tool
sing Send ICMP Nasty Garbage
hunt TCP session analysis, intervention, and resequencer
arping ARP address ping tool
nmap Nmap - Network Mapper
ntop Network packet analysis and display
etherape Network Flow Displays
icmpenum ICMP packet generator and response collector
ettercap sniffer/intercepter/logger for switched LANs