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Why Use Our Bootable CDs?

When you boot your computer from the Bootable CD, within 2 minutes, your files can be rescued from a windows computer over your local area network. They are read-only, so nothing you do will change them in any way. If you have a computer virus that is endangering your system, it won't affect the Bootable CD or its contents, and your files will still be available. If your system has been broken into, the Bootable CD will cut off the attack, make your files available over the LAN, and let you get on with your work. If you are investigating the breakin, the Bootable will provide safe harbor for the investigation by securing the evidence while allowing you to examine it.

When you boot your computer from the Super Bootable CD, it instantly becomes a Linux powerhouse. It comes complete with firewall software, drivers for most Ethernet cards and Disks, a wide range of networking and other amazing tools, and even complete and secure web and DNS servers. It includes an on-CD manual and tutorial, menu-based services from the X11 graphical user interface, and a set of tools that meet or exceed those you are used to today. It's easy to use, easily fits in your shirt pocket, fast to boot and run, reliable, secure, and inexpensive. It saves you time and effort for many of the tasks you do every day while keeping your computer safe from the vast majority of threats on the Internet today.

Example Applications

Easy to Use!!!

All you have to do is put the Bootable CD in the CD drive and reboot the computer from the Bootable CD.

Press here to see some of the tools you will get!
Press here to see most of the programs on the SuperCD!

The Bootable Super CD is our newest innovation in low-cost, flexible, portable system tools. The Bootable Super CD provides a mini-CD-ROM complete with help, software, and remote access capabilities.

In short, the Bootable CD and Bootable Super CD provide a complete on-site analysis capability for those times when you can't bring in your own special hardware to do the task or remove the systems from the site to capture and analyze evidence.

How Do I Get the Bootable CDs?

Press "Order" from the top menu to order your Bootable CDs...

Typical delivery is only a few days, but in some cases you may have to allow up to 45 days for delivery (e.g., a single CD shipped to Sri Lanka). Shipping and handling included. Suitable for IBM compatible PC with at least 64Meg of memory (we have run on less, but...), bootable CD capability, and configured for CD boot. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.