Why White Glove?

White Glove exists for a few specific reasons:

Why Not Use White Glove?

White Glove is NOT designed for certain uses. In particular, it is NOT designed to be installed on a user workstation and adapted over time to changing conditions, loaded with software package after software package, updates, upgraded, and so forth.

Why is White Glove Good for These Things?

White Glove runs with a design philosophy that is different from most other systems. The elements of the design philosophy are as follows:

  • The operating environment should be very stable and reliable, to the point where you cannot change it even if you want to. You should be able to move the operating environment with you and keep it in your pocket.
  • The configuration should be separate from the operating environment, easily created, easily modified during testing and implementation, and then completely stable during normal operation. You should be able to carry a whole set of configurations in your pocket and use the one you want where you are or leave it there as you go to the next task.
  • The data should be separated from the operating environment and configuration information and should be easily backed up, used elsewhere, transported, put into a new hardware box, or otherwise used as needed without having to reconfigure the system, change settings, or otherwise spend a lot of time to get utility from it.
  • The operating environment, configuration, and data should be rapidly and easily moved from hardware platform to hardware platform for rapid utility wherever you are and whenever you need it.

    These are accomplished by White Glove by putting the operating system on a CD, the configuration on a floppy disk or other small, mobile device, and the data on a storage device that can be either local or mobile. All three are independent of the hardware platform. As long as they are commodity PCs with common parts, the operating environment, configuration, and data can be brought with you, kept with you, and protected from others.