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P-15 Continuity Principle

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Information security professionals have identified the organization's needs for continuity of operations and have prepared the organization and its firewalls accordingly.
Continuity planning reflects legal, regulatory, and financial obligations of the organization, organizational goodwill, and obligations to customers, board of directors, and owners.
The organization's continuity requirements guided the development the firewall plan for response to business interruption or disaster.
The continuity plan is designed to ensure the continued operation of the organization, to minimize recovery time in response to business interruption or disaster, and to fulfill relevant requirements.
The continuity plan is applied to organizational recovery, continuity of operations, and end user contingent operations.
Organizational recovery is invoked whenever a primary operation site is no longer capable of sustaining operations.
Continuity of operations is invoked when operations can continue at the primary site but must respond to less than desirable circumstances (such as resource limitations, environmental hazards, or hardware or software failures).
End user contingent operations are invoked in both organizational recovery and continuity of operations.

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