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The auditors, systems administrators, and incident reponse teams have input and review responsibilities for documentation.
There are separate firewall documents for users, auditors, systems administrators, incident reponse teams, managers, and executives, each covering the information required for the function.
Firewall hardware and software manuals are kept with the firewall.
User manuals and help cards are kept in the users' work areas and pockets respectively.
Auditor manuals and checklists are kept by the auditors.
Systems administration manuals are kept at firewall control points.
Incident reponse team manuals are kept in the incident response team locations.
Manager manuals are kept in the mangers' offices.
Executive manuals are kept in executive suites or wherever the executives are required to use them as part of their decision making process.
Manuals are periodically reviewed.
Manuals required to restore firewall function and content are kept in physical form next to the systems they apply to.
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