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Legal Issues

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Organizational lawyers include experts in the areas of the law relating to information protection.
Outside specialists are used to augment organizational lawyers.
The firewalls provide adequate notice to outsiders attempting to exploit them.
The firewalls provide adequate notice to insiders attempting to exploit them.
All messages provided by the firewall are approved by organizational lawyers.
All policies and procedures related to firewall operation are approved by corporate lawyers.
All incident response activities are approved by corporate legal staff.
There is a well-defined interface with law enforcement for all actions related to attacks against the firewall.
Corporate legal staff understands the jurisdictional issues related to all interconnected networks, including the international legal implications of the Internet.
Legal contracts with vendors supplying external network services include proper liability limitations and responsibilities.
Contracts with other organizations using the firewall include all necessary and appropriate language required to protect the organizations from liability and from attacks in and from each others' networks.
Officers are aware of their responsibilities relating to firewall operation.
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