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Personnel Issues

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Check all that apply:

All people working on firewalls have been through company clearance procedures.
Firewall personnel have had background checks and do not have criminal records.
Firewall personnel are paid at a level commensurate with their experience and expertise.
Firewall personnel consistently have good on-the-job performance.
Firewall personnel have passed drug tests on a regular basis.
Firewall personnel have at least five years of experience within the organization and are highly trusted.
The organization has a policy of punishing perpetrators to the fullest extent possible and employees are aware of this policy.
The organization has a policy to help victims of information-based attacks.
The organization recognizes employees who help identify attacks and rewards them in regular performance evaluations.
Firewall personnel and others within the organization who help defend systems from malicious threats are highly rewarded for their efforts.
Working on the firewall is a step toward long term job security, high pay, and ioncreased responsibility.
Human resources helps to coordinate training and awareness programs.
Human resources has an effective system of informing fireall personnel of all personnel changes.
Human resources tracks information protection performance with other performance evaluation criteria.
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