Novell LAN Disaster Backup and Recovery (DBAR) Review

Purpose: Ensure that Information Technology (IT) assets on LAN servers are properly backed up and the business owner has the capability to recover and restore the computer environment in the event of a system failure, or natural/man-made disaster.

1. Review and evaluate disaster recovery plans to ensure business requirements are met.

  1. Identification of business continuity team (LAN Administrator(s), key users, systems people, vendors), respective phone numbers, and responsibilities
  2. Identify levels of disruption (i.e. complete server failure, partial loss of data, program-level, database)
  3. Documented scenarios/action plans for levels of disruption which include specific procedures and assignment of responsibilities
  4. Identification of all critical applications software and data files
  5. Identification of hardware and equipment needed
  6. Prioritized application software and data
  7. Identification and security requirements for alternative processing locations
  8. Risk-analysis for each area- impact analysis, acceptable downtime, disaster definition
  9. Plan test procedures
  10. Restore procedures for program and data including any dependencies

a. Scheduling considerations

b. Backup journalizing

c. Disk/Tape archiving

d. Program sequence and dependencies

e. Retention of source documents

f. Re-input of data

g. Internal/external reliance

2. Ensure specific procedures are in place to adequately review DBAR procedures.

3. Ensure backup and recovery plans are tested on a periodic basis.

4. Verify that all the information, files, data, and production resources required to resume business processing are appropriately identified and backed up.

A. The following steps can be applied to all business areas:

B. If the business area is using the BK4 process, perform the following steps (Note: Each File Server has an attached PC dedicated to backing up the server. The PC and the backup application are often referred to as BK4's):

C. If the business area is using the ARCserve process, perform the following steps:

5. Verify that all critical file servers, database servers, and special device PC's have proper power backup and mirrored disks if critical.