IS Problem Management Function Review

Control Objective:

Control Requirements [Per University Computing Resources Policy]:

  1. Records are maintained to evaluate the IS department's actual performance in meeting information processing service schedules. [Review status: not achieved]

  2. Management uses performance records to manage the scheduling of its service activities. [Review status: not achieved]

  3. Key application programs that are experiencing performance erosion are documented as to any recurring pattern or trend. [Review status: not achieved]

  4. The elapsed time of any delays are recorded for all variations. [Review status: not achieved]

  5. The reasons for delays in the scheduled processing of applications are identified by the information processing operations management in terms of the responsible source of the delay. [Review status: not achieved]

  6. Management has determined, by a survey of the user departments, if the information processing operations schedules maintained by the IS conform to their needs. [Review status: not achieved]

  7. Information processing goals have been established by management for performance measurement purposes. [Review status: not achieved]

  8. Both accurate and complete results are being reported and user department perceptions of IS department's reporting procedure conform to the data being gathered by this procedure. [Review status: not achieved]

  9. The IS department has established formal procedures for managing or controlling information processing problems. [Review status: not achieved]

  10. All problems encountered by the information processing operations are being recorded. [Review status: partially achieved]
  11. Significant and recurring problems are being identified and actions are being taken to prevent their recurrence. [Review status: not achieved]

  12. Priorities have been established for how quickly specific problems must be resolved. [Review status: not achieved]

  13. Selected processing problems were resolved on a timely basis by the designated member of the DP department and the record of the problem resolution was complete and reasonable. [Review status: not achieved]

Control and Risk Evaluation: