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NFS is not running on this computer.
NFS traffic is NOT allowed to pass in to, out of, or through the local network because the local routers are all set to prevent traffic on TCP and UDP ports 111 and 2049.
NFS port monitoring is enabled.
Your /etc/exports file indicates ONLY entries for file systems intended to be exported by NFS or there is no such file.
You NEVER export an NFS file system to non-local domains.
You never export file systems read/write.
You do NOT have 'localhost' listed in your NFS export list or there is no export list.
Protection settings on the /etc/exports file do NOT allow write access except by the owner or there is no such file.
The /etc/exports file is owned by Root or there is no such file.
The showmount -e indicates the proper exported file systems or no exported file systems.

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