Sendmail Configuration

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The line starting with "OW" only has a "*" next to it.
You use only the most recent update of sendmail and closely track sendmail changes.
Sendmail operates through a TCP wrapper for all inbound traffic.
Sendmail is not configured to automatically handle MIME messages, uudecode messages, shell commands or other remote execution features.

Type the following commands:

telnet hostname 25

Sendmail responds "500 Command unrecognized" to all of the previous commands (other than telnet and quit).
Sendmail logging is operated at a log level of 9 or more (OL9 in the file).
The /etc/syslog.conf file contains proper lines to send to designated log files (typically, but not always /var/adm/messages).
The systems administrator known to use kill -HUP `/bin/cat /etc/` after changing syslog entries.
The systems administrator known to use kill -HUP `/bin/cat /etc/` after changing inetd.conf and services entries.
Majordomo is a more recent version than 1.91 or it is not used.
The finger daemon on your system is more recent than 5 November 1988, or even better, is a custom program that outputs a fixed message to outsiders.

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