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Network Working Group                                        P. Holbrook
Request for Comments:  1244                                       CICNet
FYI: 8                                                       J. Reynolds
                                                               July 1991

                         Site Security Handbook

Status of this Memo

   This handbook is the product of the Site Security Policy Handbook
   Working Group (SSPHWG), a combined effort of the Security Area and
   User Services Area of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).
   This FYI RFC provides information for the Internet community.  It
   does not specify an Internet standard.  Distribution of this memo is

Contributing Authors

   The following are the authors of the Site Security Handbook.  Without
   their dedication, this handbook would not have been possible.

   Dave Curry (Purdue University), Sean Kirkpatrick (Unisys), Tom
   Longstaff (LLNL), Greg Hollingsworth (Johns Hopkins University),
   Jeffrey Carpenter (University of Pittsburgh), Barbara Fraser (CERT),
   Fred Ostapik (SRI NISC), Allen Sturtevant (LLNL), Dan Long (BBN), Jim
   Duncan (Pennsylvania State University), and Frank Byrum (DEC).

Editors' Note

   This FYI RFC is a first attempt at providing Internet users guidance
   on how to deal with security issues in the Internet.  As such, this
   document is necessarily incomplete.  There are some clear shortfalls;
   for example, this document focuses mostly on resources available in
   the United States.  In the spirit of the Internet's "Request for
   Comments" series of notes, we encourage feedback from users of this
   handbook.  In particular, those who utilize this document to craft
   their own policies and procedures.

   This handbook is meant to be a starting place for further research
   and should be viewed as a useful resource, but not the final
   authority.  Different organizations and jurisdictions will have
   different resources and rules.  Talk to your local organizations,
   consult an informed lawyer, or consult with local and national law
   enforcement.  These groups can help fill in the gaps that this
   document cannot hope to cover.

   Finally, we intend for this FYI RFC to grow and evolve.  Please send
   comments and suggestions to: