2.0 Operational System Incident Control

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2.1 Background on Operational Incidences

Major natural disasters including earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, fires, etc. can create any of a number of ADP operational incidences Incidences can also occur from intentional actions such as bombs, terrorist and virus attacks, and also from equipment failures such as power or cable problems. With such a varied range of major and minor incidences to address, some recovery strategies can be applied to all incidence types, while other strategies must be incidence specific.

2.2 Determination of a Major Incidence

When a major incident occurs, the NRL Labwide Disaster Response Plan details procedures for plan initiation and recovery. This contingency plan is in accordance with OPNAVINST 5239.1A. The NRL IS Security Group has no function under such conditions except as identified herein. The IS Security Group is responsible for identifying the location and capability of equivalent processing resources when an incident causes the loss of an individual IS system.

2.3 Recovering Essential Processing Resources (if applicable)

To recover from an event which could effect multiple IS computing resources at NRL, the principal requirement will be to recover the capability to perform equivalent processing capability in the shortest possible time period after the incident. The second requirement will be to recover with the least economic burden. This recovery capability could take the form of either stand-alone processing or network resources and operations. Most incidences will not be large enough to require full implementation of this incidence response plan.

2.3.1 Database of Redundant Systems

Recovery of applications and peripheral devices are the responsibility of the ADP System Administrator. The IS Security Office carries information concerning the processors, points of contact, and the system's accreditation status.

In the event of denial of service for a specific system, the IS Security Office can determine the existence of another similar system at NRL.

The IS Security Office can develop a list of candidates at the site that could potentially be used for backup support.