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Pearl Harbor

Massive attack on the military and governmental (command and control) information infrastructures, with perhaps collateral attacks against important civilian networks that aid and support military, governmental, and social stability.


Trend along the line of the opposition force altering, damaging, or destroying data and services in a protracted campaign; attacks are unannounced, leaving the question of trust completely unsettled.

Pearl Harbor Hashishim
Preemptive Covert
'Sneak' Perversion; end of 'trust'
Beginning of the conflict Is the conflict
Surprise lost once engagement initiated Continual moral and material surprise
Direct force Espionage, sabotage, coercion
Not 'subtle' Insidious
Attacks force projection capability Attacks decision capacity, command structure
Government targets or collateral infrastructure Opportunistic targets; greater degrees of separation; attacks dependencies civil/military
Massive Long term
Concentrated Cumulative
Automated Human oriented
Significant resources Leveraged
Intense effort Selective effort
Centralized Decentralized
Coordinated Uncoordinated
Hierarchical Heterarchical
Sponsored Independent
Intelligence 'hard' targets Soft targets; open source intelligence
Crisis management Defense-in-depth
Top down approach Bottom up approach
Oriented around LEA/IC/MIL solutions Free market solutions


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