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Computers & Security, Vol: 14, Issue: 7, 1995

  1. Random Bits & Bytes
  2. Controlling The Use Of Cryptographic Keys
  3. Internet 101
  4. The Controlled Application Set Paradigm for Trusted Systems
  5. Maintaining Secrecy and Integrity in Multilevel Databases: A Practical Approach
  6. TCP/IP (Lack of) Security
  7. AIN'T Misbehaving -- A Taxonomy of Anti-Intrusion Techniques
  8. A Software Architecture to Support Misuse Intrusion Detection
  9. Securing Local Area and Metropolitan Area Network: A Practical Approach
  10. Using Network Traffic Analysis as a Security Tool
  11. A Perspective of Evaluation in the UK versus the US
  12. ECMA's Approach for IT Security Evaluations
  13. Critical Factors of Key Escrow Encryption Systems
  14. Evaluating the Strength of Ciphers
  15. Security and Software Reuse
  16. An Open Trusted Enterprise Network Architecture
  17. Component Architectures for Trusted NetWare
  18. Social Engineering: The Only Real Test of Information Systems Security Plans
  19. Contingency Planning: What to do When Bad Things Happen to Good Systems
  20. Authorship Analysis: identifying The Author of a Program
  21. Internet Sniffer Attacks
  22. The Table of Contents for the 1st through the 17th National Computer Security Conferences
  23. Alarm at increase in civil service crime
  24. Security expert warns of night-time intruders
  25. Top cop says fingerprint system is fraud-beater
  26. BSA toughens up on pirates
  27. Net surfer convicted for cache of child porn disks
  28. Pressure builds on chip thieves
  29. More security woes plague the Internet
  30. Software pirates treasure Win 95
  31. Protect your E-mail
  32. E-mail security ignored
  33. MCII offers Secure Transaction Service
  34. Underground tools aid fledgling hackers
  35. Oracle extinguishes Net security fears
  36. Sentry cuts access to naughty bits
  37. How secure is security
  38. IBM unveils web servers, Internet firewall
  39. Security environment reviews
  40. Security and data integrity for LANS and WANs
  41. Invasions of privacy
  42. Setting optimal intrusion-detection thresholds
  43. A methodology for the design of security plans
  44. Managing computer crime: a research outlook

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