Military Review
Headquarters, Department of the Army
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VOLUME LXXVIII - September-November 1998, NO 5
Professional Bulletin 100-98-9/10/11

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Editorial - (View PDF)

CGSC Notes

Letters to the Editor - (View PDF)

4 Information Operations and the Conduct of Land Warfare (HTML) - (View PDF)
                   by Robert J. Bunker (Copyright 1998 AUSA)

18 Information Operations (HTML)

19 Information System Components of Information Operations (HTML) - (View PDF)
           by Major Arthur N. Tulak, US Army, and

                        Major James E. Hutton, US Army

26 Information Warfare:  Task Force XXI or Task Force Smith? (HTML) - (View PDF)
                    by Major Curtis A. Carver Jr., US Army

31 Applying the Principles of War in Information Operations (HTML) - (View PDF)
                    by Major Bradford K. Nelson, US Army

36 Achieving Information Superiority (HTML) - (View PDF)
                    by Patricia M. Barwinczak

41 Information-Age Warfare:  A Working Bibliography, Part II (HTML) - (View PDF)
            by Timothy L. Sanz

51 Old Traditions Die Hard:  Division Reorganization (HTML) - (View PDF)
            by Brigidier General Raymond E. Bell Jr., US Army, Retired

58 Almanac
        A Train Story (HTML) - (View PDF)
            by George Ridge
        The Eighth Corps in San Franisco, 1898 (HTML) - (View PDF)
                    by Stephen D. Coats

64 Insights
        DOD Outsourcing and Privatization (HTML) - (View PDF)
                    by J. Michael Brower
        20th-Century Demobilization Lessons (HTML) - (View PDF)
                    by Colonel John F. Shortal

72 Book Reviews (HTML) - (View PDF)
                contemporary readings for the professional

       "Pass in Reviews"

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