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Internet Crime

16th and 17th February, 1998

University of Melbourne

Conference themes

Is the Internet the 1990s equivalent of 'dodge city' where crime is rampant and policing impossible? Or should the Internet be self-regulated with users protected from crime primarily through technological means?

This two-day conference looks at how the Internet is being used for illegal activities and how best to prevent such conduct from taking place - through the law, technology or market-based crime prevention strategies based on self-help.

Aims and Objectives of the Conference

The Internet consists of more than 15 000 computer networks linked to over 175 countries. Over 170 000 companies do business on the Internet and almost 100 million electronic messages are sent annually. Such an extensive communications system creates enormous possibilities for crime and formidable challenges for law enforcement.

This conference will examine the nature and extent of Internet crime and responses available to deal with it.

Who Should Attend


Where possible, the unedited full text of papers from the conference is available from this page. They are in Adobe® Acrobat® format, and can be accessed through the titles/authors that are links.

Conference Program

Monday 16 February

The Nature and Extent of Internet Crime

8.00 Registration
9.00 Welcome and Opening
Dr Adam Graycar
Director, Australian Institute of Criminology
9.10 Crime and Technology in the Global Village (pdf file - size 22kB) Dr Peter Grabosky
Director of Research,
Australian Institute of Criminology
9.40 Morning Tea

Illegal Content

10.00 Illegal and Harmful Content on the Internet (pdf file - size 41kB) Ms Kaaren Koomen
Australian Broadcasting Authority
10.30 New Zealand Censorship Compliance Unit: Introduction and Demonstration (pdf file - size 14kB) Mr Paul Duke
Department of Internal Affairs, New Zealand
11.00 Copyright Infringement (pdf file - size 59kB) Mr Ian McDonald
Australian Copyright Council
11.30 Discussion
12.00 Lunch

Internet Vandalism

1.00 Computer Hackers: Juvenile Delinquents or International Saboteurs? (pdf file - size 24kB) Ms Suelette Dreyfus
Author of "Underground"
1.30 Terrorism and Internet Warfare (pdf file - size 35kB) Squadron Leader Nigel Thompson
Officer in Charge, Information Assurance Centre RAAF
2.00 Discussion
2.30 Afternoon Tea

Commercial Crimes

3.00 Paying the Price on the Internet: Funds Transfer Crime in Cyberspace (pdf file - size 47kB) Dr Russell Smith
Australian Institute of Criminology
3.30 On-line Business Crime (pdf file - size 46kB) Mr Tim Phillips
Australian Securities Commission
4.00 Discussion
An Overview of Internet Crime
Mr Norman Reaburn
Acting Secretary, Attorney-General's Department, Canberra
Chairman, OECD Group of Experts on Security and Privacy Global Information Infrastructure
5:15 Drinks

Tuesday 17 February


International Legal Controls

9.00 Crime in Cyberspace: Trends in Computer Crime in Australia (pdf file - size 31kB) Mr Glenn Wahlert
Australian Federal Police
9.30 International Co-operative Measures (pdf file - size 48kB) Mr Gareth Grainger
Deputy Chairman
Australian Broadcasting Authority
10.00 Morning Tea

Local Legal Controls

10.30 Legal Issues (pdf file - size 28kB) Dr Gordon Hughes
Blake, Dawson, Waldron, Solicitors, Melbourne
11.00 Investigative and Policing Issues (pdf file - size 225kB) Mr Ken Day
Australian Federal Police
11.30 Discussion
12.00 Lunch

On-line Crime Prevention

1.00 Internet Crime Prevention (pdf file - size 49kB) Dr Adam Sutton, David Tait, Shane McKenzie & Fiona Bavinton
University of Melbourne
1.30 Electronic Security (pdf file - size 22kB) Dr Nicholas Chantler
Queensland University of Technology
2.00 Discussion
2.30 Afternoon Tea

Technological Controls

3.00 Electronic Cash and SET (pdf file - size 60kB) Professor Anthony Watson
Edith Cowan University
3.30 International Technological Controls (pdf file - size 49kB) Mr Steve Orlowski
Special Advisor IT Security Policy
Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department
4.00 Technological Aspects of Internet Crime Prevention (pdf file - size 13kB) Dr Roger Clarke
Xamax Consultancy Pty Ltd
4.30 Discussion
5.00 Closing Address
Dr Adam Graycar
Australian Institute of Criminology
5.15 Close

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