A Word from the Chairman

by John M. Shalikashvili - (383K)

Letters to the Editor - (181K)

Taking Stock of Goldwater-Nichols

by James R. Locher III- (937K)

Defense Organization Today

by John P. White - (628K)

Past Organizational Problems

by David C. Jones - (480K)

The Chairman as Principal Military Adviser

An Interview with Colin L. Powell- (747K)

Overseeing Cross-Service Trade Offs

by William A. Owens and James R. Blaker - (403K)

Next Steps in Joint Force Integration

by John J. Sheehan - (851K)

Warfighting CINCs in a New Era

by Joseph W. Prueher - (552K)

Emergence of the Joint Officer

by Howard D. Graves and Don M. Snider - (417K)

Prospects for the Military Departments

by Michael B. Donley - (530K)

Future Trends in Defense Organization

by Sam Nunn - (400K)

A Strategic Assessment for the 21st Century

by Hans Binnendijk - (159K)

21st Century Armed Forces -- Joint Vision 2010

by Charles D. Link - (470K)

The Impact of NBC Proliferation on Doctrine and Operations

by Robert G. Joseph - (598K)

Knowledge -- Based Warfare: A Security Strategy for the Next Century

by Lawrence E. Casper, Irving L. Halter, Earl W. Powers, Paul J. Selva, Thomas W. Steffens, and T. LaMar Willis - (638K)

It's Not About Mousetraps -- Measuring the Value of Knowledge for Operators

by Frank B. Strickland, Jr. - (357K)

Leadership: Some Thoughts on the Military Circa 2025

by David E. Price - (356K)

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Dwight David Eisenhower

Exercises and Doctrine

(Click here to view/download this entire section - 678K)

National Culture and Warfare -- Whither Decisive Force: A Review Essay

by David J. Andre

To Wage a War of Words: A Book Review

by Carnes Lord

Middle Eastern Military Dynamics: A Book Review

by Patrick L. Clawson