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6   Modeling the world
Paul A. Fishwick

11 Taking cues from Java
Michael Pidd and Ricardo A. Cassel

16 Analyzing web-based simulation data
Andrea F. Selia, Xuewei Xiang, Michael Watson

20 Meta data
Bill Prothman

24 Querying XML documents
John A. Miller and Sonali Sheth

27 Joining an Internet startup
Jaideep Roy and Anupama Ramanujan

30 Electronic commerce infrastructure
Fawzi Daoud

34 What's the deal with "e-business"?
Kim W. Tracy

36 OTJ--workplace policies/ethics 101
Edmund K. Miller

40 Eddy current magnetic levitation
    Marc T. Thompson


2    Masthead
4    The way ahead
47  SAC e-mail / Gamesman

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