OSS Proceeedings

OSS Proceedings for November 8, 1994, Volume 2

Table of Contents

"Secrets of the Super Searchers: A Personal and Prectical Perspective" Reva Basch
"Harsh Realities: Science and Technology Information Caught in a Shifting Paradigm" Bonnie C. Carroll
"Producing Intelligence in Australia" Nicholas Chantler
"Towards the Global Information Industry and a New Information Paradigm" Harry Collier
"Handling Informatin in Humanitarian Operations Within Armed Conflicts ..." Dr. Peter Fuchs
"SCIP Preconference Seminar an Introduction to Competitive and Business Intelligence" Daniel Himelfarb
"Establishing new Laws for Government and Business Operations in Cyberspace" Brian Kahin
"ASIDIC Perspectives and its Contributions to National Competitiveness" Maureen Kelly
"Association of Information Dissemination Centers" Randall Marcinko
"Information Warfare" Niel Munro
"Head 'Em Off at the Pass: Identify the Changes That Threaten Your Business Activity" Seena Sharp
"Refugees: Weapon of the Post Cold War Counter Offensive: Information War" Elin Whitney-Smith
"The Power of Global Business Information" Roth Stanat
"The Intelligence Community: An Outsider's View" Mike Weiner
"Space Imaging" Tish Vaila-Williams