Past Papers and Publications

I regret that the collection of my past papers here is far from complete. I shall be adding to it when time permits so check back if you don't find what you are looking for ...

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Because some of the papers mentioned here appear in proceedings, sales of which go towards meeting the costs of the conference, I do not publish current papers until some time has elapsed after presentation. Typically this can be up to a year after the event, but is normally six months or so. If you want a complete set of proceedings of a conference, I recommend purchasing them from the conference organisers directly. I have included links to sellers of such proceedings where I can.


Date Title, Venue Proceedings
October 1986 Physical Protection of Cryptographic Devices, First Nordic Conference on Information System Security, Copenhagen ?
April 1987 Tamper Resistant Systems in Cryptographic Equipment, Eurocrypt '87, Amsterdam, Springer-Verlag
January 1988 Tamper Resistance and Cryptovariable Protection (updated paper), Corporate Computer Security, Brighton, from the original presented at Eurocrypt '87, Amsterdam ?
February 1988 Issue Authority, Second Nordic Conference on Information System Security, Stockholm ?
April 1988 Data Security in X.25 Networks, Corporate Computer Security (Scotland), Edinburgh ?
May 1988 Development Risks, DataSafe '88, London ?
November 1988 Do You Really Know Who is Using Your System? - A Survey of Personal Authentication Techniques, Information Security '88, London ?
November 1989 Data Security in PC Local Area Networks, Compsec '89, London Elsevier
February 1990 Personal Authentication, an Update - presented to the Technology of Software Protection Group of the British Computer Society, London ?
June 1990 Control Applications in Computer Security Systems, Colloquium on Generic Control Systems at the I.E.E., London ?
July 1990 PC Security - Stopping the Intruder, Information Security: Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability, London ?
December 1990 Smart Cards, EDPAA, London ?
April 1991 Management Issues and PC Security, The International PC Security Conference, London ?
July 1991 Justifying Information Security, The Bull Strategic IT Seminars, London, Birmingham, Manchester ?
November 1991 The European IT Security Evaluation Process, The CA Computer Associates Customer Symposium, Birmingham ?
May 1992 Access Control, Security '92, London ?
July 1992 Closing the Evaluation Gap - The CLEF Experience, Practical Data Security, London ?
March 1993 The European ITSEC and Evaluation Process, Royal Holloway College, University of London ?
April 1993 Cryptography, Security Strategies for IBM Users, London Xephon
April 1993 Access Control, Security Strategies for IBM Users, London Xephon
October 1994 Cryptography - the Implementation Minefield, Compsec '94, London Elsevier
October 1995 Security Technology and Electronic Commerce, Internet and Online Business Security, London ?
October 1995 Access Control, RACF Update '95, London Xephon
October 1995 Cryptography, RACF Update '95, London Xephon
August 1996 Export Controls, Past Present & Future, Crypto '96, Santa Barbara (invited talk) Springer-Verlag
September 1996 Cryptographic Controls, COSAC '96, Ballyconnell, Republic of Ireland AKA
October 1996 Cryptographic Controls, The Eternal Triangle, COMPSEC '96, London Elsevier
October 1996 Cryptography, RACF Update '96, London Xephon
October 1996 Business Driven Security Architectures - the SALSA Experience, RACF Update '96, London Xephon
April 1997 Cryptography in Great Britain, CNEJITA conference of experts, French Senate, Paris ?
April 1997 Crypto Toolkits - Addressing Clients' Real Requirements, PKS '97, Toronto Certicom
September 1997 Security Auditing, A Methodology, COSAC 97, Newcastle Co. Down AKA
September 1997 Secure Email, Fact or Fiction?, COSAC 97, Newcastle Co. Down AKA
October 1997 Key Recovery - Why, How, Who?, Compsec '97, London Elsevier
September 1998 Smart Cards - Friend or Foe? AKA
November 1998 Sun Tsu - What Price Infowar on The Net?, Compsec '98, London (Slides in MS Powerpoint 97 format) Elsevier
November 1998 Unlocking Open Government: The No. 10 Downing Street Case StudyCompsec '98, London Elsevier
April 1999 Public Key Substructure, Infrastructure or Superstructure ? - A Systems Engineering View, (Joint Paper with John Sherwood), PKS '99, Toronto (Slides in MS Powerpoint 97 format) Certicom


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