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The Revolution in Military Affairs:

  • The Mesh and the Net (NDU McNair Paper No. 28)
  • "DBK and Its Consequences" in Johnson and Libicki, Dominant Battlespace Knowledge (NDU Press)
  • Illuminating Tomorrow's War (NDU McNair Paper No. 61)
  • "The Mouse's New Roar?" (abstract) in Foreign Policy, Winter 1999-2000
  • Information Techologies chapter of INSS's Strategic Assessment 1995
  • Emerging Military Instruments chapter of Strategic Assessment 1996
  • Alternative Futures, Adapting Forces and Future Posture chapters of Strategic Assessment 1998
  • Technology and Warfare chapter of Project 2015
  • The Revolution in Military Affairs (Strategic Forum No. 11)
  • The Next Enemy (Strategic Forum No. 35)
  • Tomorrow's Air Force (Strategic Forum No. 79), a condensed version of "Or Go Down in Flames" (with Col Richard Szafranski) in the Autumn 1996 Air Power Journal
  • Information and Nuclear RMAs Compared (Strategic Forum No. 82),
  • Information Dominance (Strategic Forum No. 132), and
  • WWW.U.S.DoD.Com.

    Information Warfare

  • What is Information Warfare? (summarized in Strategic Forum No. 28)
  • Defending Cyberspace and Other Metaphors (an earlier version of the monograph's "Protecting the United States in Cyberspace" in Al Campen etal, Cyberwar),
  • "Ghosts in the Machine?" (on the USIA web site), and
  • "Conclusion" in RAND's Strategic Appraisal: The Changing Role of Information in Warfare

    Information Technology Standards and Information Architecture

  • Standards: The Rough Road to the Common Byte, a monograph-length version of the commercially published Information Technology Standards: Quest for the Common Byte (Boston: Digital Press, 1995)
  • Scaffolding the New Web: Standards and Standards Policy for the Digital Economy (RAND MR-1215) with co-authors Jim Schneider, David Frelinger, and Anna Slomovic, and
  • Who Runs What in the Global Information Grid: Distinguishing Local and Global Responsibility (RAND MR-1247).