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White Papers
in the Se-Com Project

Internet E-Commerce: Delivering on the Real Promise
Chris Dallas-Feeney, Grande Bucca, Michael Appel, Aditya Bhasin
Booz - Allen & Hamilton

E-Commerce Takes Off
Jane Linder
Forrester Research, Inc.

Understanding Electronic Commerce
Jay Bolton
Coopers & Lybrand

Help Wanted 1998:
A Call for Collaborative Action for the New Millennium

Information Technology Association of America,
and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

One Last Step in Preparing for Year 2000 Survival
Ernst & Young, LLP

Cryptography Standards and Infrastructure
for the Twenty-first Century

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Choose the Right EC Vendors:
A Best-of-Breed Selection Process

Reed Cundiff
Decision Drivers, Inc., a Gartner Group Company

The Coming Revolution in Business Messaging
John MacFarlane

Enterprise-Wide Technical Architecture (EWTA)
Jim Fischella
Grant Thorton, LLP

"For Want of a Nail..."
Will the Kingdom Be Lost to the Millenium Bug?

George M. Perry, Jean M. Costanza
LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae, LLP

Building Directory-Enabled Commerce for the Internet
Novell, Inc.

The Smart Supply Chain
Cisco Systems

Building a Global Networked Business Approach and Architecture Overview
Cisco Systems

Virtual Private Networks: Here or Hype?
Alan Beaton, Andrew Olmo, Nadeem Siddiqui
KPMG's Information Risk Management University

Data Migration (DM) Factory... The DM Solution?
M. Clifford Holt
Computer Management Sciences, Inc.

The Net Economy At Flashpoint
Jim Barksdale
Netscape Communications Corporation

A Store as Big as the World
Walter Forbes

Straight Talk: Internet, Tax, and Interstate Commerce
Carol Cayo
Information Technology Association of America

Justifying the Web for Your Business

Web-Based Buyer-Centric Procurement Systems
Jay Srinivasan
Digital Equipment Corporation

The Future of Electonic Commerce over the Internet and Its Effect on Market Efficiency, Socio-Economic Policy, Risk, Control, and Audit Theory
Oscar Chacon, Maya Gupta, Scott Matlock
KPMG's Risk Management University

Open Internet Billing: Building a Successful Future
Just In Time Solutions, Intuit, and AT&T

Establising Electronic Commerce via Certificate Authorities
Tom Patterson
CyberGuard Corporation

Digital Signatures:
The Key to Information Technology Security

Michelle Jolicoeur Bell
Digital Signature Trust Company for the American Bankers Association

E-Commerce in the Insurance Industry:
Issues and Opportunities

Martin F. Grace, Robert W. Klein, Detmar Straub
Center for Risk Management and Insurance Research
Georgia State University

The Emerging Internet Marketplace and the ACH Network
Scott Lang
National Automated Clearing House Association

Interoperability is a Key to Smart Card Success
William J. Barr
Smart Card Forum

Critical Infrastructure Protection:
Presidential Decision Directive 63

Critical Infrastructure Protection Assurance Office

Technical Attacks Against Infrastructures
Kurt J. Snapper
ManTech International Corporation

Why Cryptography is Harder than it Looks
Bruce Schneier
Counterpane Systems

The Role of Firewalls in Enterprise Network Security
Tom Patterson
CyberGuard Corporation

The Real Solution to Semiconductor Security for Electronic Commerce
Robert Camilletti
Dow Corning Corporation

S/MIME: Security Standard for Today and Tomorrow
J.G. Van Dyke & Associates

Enterprise Security - Built on Sound Policies
Robert A. Clyde
Axent Technologies