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Heck, yes I know. All this indexed papers are nice to navigate with but hard to print out. This is the reason for this page. You find conveniently all my papers (at least the one that I put on the net) for downloading.
You can download and use these papers free of charge (well if you are REALLY enthousiastic about one, you are certainly allowed to pay me a fee (c: ). However, the copyright stays with me and you are not allowed to redistribute the papers. If someone else is interested, he/she should download an own copy. If you are using part of my work in a paper/presentation of yours please indicate the source as reference.

Although I wrote the papers using the best of my knowledge, I will not to be held responsible for possible errors.

I would appreciate if you send me a short note and a few infos about you and for what you are using my paper. I also like to get some feedback on my papers and I don't mind at all if you are critisizing it. Please keep the critiques constructive that I can improve the papers with your help.

Please give me some feedback by following this link.

Information Warfare - an Introduction

Firewall Penetration Testing

IPV6 vs SSL - comparing Apples with Oranges

Policies and Practices of Internet Service Providers

All files are in Adobe Acrobat 3 .pdf format

I hope that you find the paper(s) useful and I am looking forward to your comments!

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