Strategic Security Intelligence

Cyber War in the Middle East

October, 2000

Update 2000/10/31, 15:00 (GMT) - MAGLAN-Information Warfare Research Lab.

While Israeli Hacker tries recruiting new forces the Palestine's already succeed doing it ... a Hungarian Intruder was hacked to the Netanya Academic Collage in Israel, and left a message "Hacked by Kala from Hungary! I hate Israel! PALESTINE YEAH! ". Apparently this is a new step at the cyberwar occurs at the Middle-East, when a day ago, Pro-Palestine's underground "Defend the Resistance" published new offensives targets, which are includes not only governmental sites, as was reported before.

2000/10/31 07:23:49 GMT - MAGLAN - Information Warfare Research Lab.

The Pro-Palestine's Underground 'Defend the Resistance' published a list of 8 different Israeli web sites / networks to be attack. The attacks methods based on an html script, sending an html requests aim to generate DoS process. The script was arrived at MAGLAN - Information Warfare Research Lab. and preliminarily analysis point out the script perception, apparently as taking the advantage of an overflow that can be founds at Check-Point Firewall v.4.1 with SP1 or lower versions.

The Pro-Palestine's Underground 'Defend the Resistance' targets are includes:

Currently [07:22(GMT) 31.10.00] all of the web sites and network mentioned above are fully operating for this minute.

Date: 2000/10/31 06:50:00 GMT - MAGLAN - Information Warfare Research Lab.

The General Manger of the largest Israeli's ISP: Netvision, Mr. Rabeinvitch,, said on an interview to Newsweek (the printed issue, publish next week) that 'Netvision able to destroy an aggressive web site in few hours', however Netvision is absolutely not planning to join the cyberwar activity taking place over the Middle East, since as a commercial company we think that it is not the appropriate way to take over the Israeli - Palestinian conflict'. More over, Mr. Rabeinvitch confirmed that Netvision defensively cooperate with some Israeli and International authorities against and in order to prevent the Cyber War attacks'.

According the Mr. Rabeinvitch, the attacks in last days were decreed due the security measures that were establish. However 'no word can be said on this issue'.

Date: 2000/10/30 Lebanese news

Israeli hacker fouls Al-Manar site 

Ranwa Yehia
Daily Star staff

Hizbullah's Al-Manar Television website was hacked for 12 hours on Sunday by an Israeli, replacing the party's effective media site with an animated Israeli flag and photographs of two Israeli soldiers who were lynched in Ramallah. The Israeli hacker, identifying himself as Nir M, had a link to pictures of Palestinians outraged by Israeli attacks against civilians.

Hizbullah webmaster Ali Ayoub said the website was downed at 9am Sunday.

"This is part of the war," he said. By 9pm Sunday, Hizbullah removed the Israeli page. Reloading the page changes the website ( to its original layout.

Ayoub assured that the website that was hacked into was an old one created in 1997 when the television was established. A newer website,, is still operating. It is the website that provides constant news updates and videos, Ayoub said.

Hizbullah will work on removing the Israeli flag from its website "soon."

The attack on a Lebanese media establishment by Israelis does not look like its going to be the last. The Daily Star has received warnings from several readers that the Israelis are planning massive attacks on Lebanese websites and that The Daily Star was among their target.

Daily Star webmaster Ali Mneimneh assured that "certain security measures"have been taken to resist any possible attack on the website.

See also: Arabs unify in `cyber-war' against Israel

Date: 2000/10/30 05:50:29 GMT - MAGLAN - Information Warfare Research Lab.

Few words from the non-official Israeli Security Experts forum :

Israeli's Security Experts, blamed Israeli hackers who appeared to have taken the first shot three weeks ago and "took the law into their own hands" by setting up a website and circulating e-mails providing denial-of-service scripts that brought down the site of the Lebanon-based Hizbollah organization.

The only harm from the attacks on the Israeli locations appeared to be the temporary silencing of sites hosted by Netvision (the largest Israeli ISP), and a drop in performance to its other subscribers. It is still too early to assess the financial damages from the attacks (if any). As Netvision official said the foreign ministry site remained down, but all other service was near normal.

2000/10/29 18:09:26 GMT - MAGLAN - Information Warfare Research Lab.

The Israeli Hacker underground ISRAFORCE - "hizballah No More" published in his status room a list of 10 Pro-Palestine's web site to be nuke, based on DoS attacks. The attacks keep being in the low-level type like of ICMP, SMTP, NNTP flooding in various way. According to the ISRAFORCE the following web site were nuked / down : , and, while in parallel a Mapping Targets Project (MTP) of Pro-Palestine's web site was establish.

Many System Administrators from the Israeli Hi-Tech Industry was sending today their condemning to Israeli ISPs abuse teams and business coordinator's , asking to take a strong actions against the DoS attackers that cause overall overload on the Israeli Internet backbones - against the Israeli teenagers "DoS Hackers" as well as for better protection against pro-Islamic attacker (as occurs in the last week).