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Cyber War in the Middle East

What Kind of War Is This?

Middle East - Information Warfare / Cyber Conflict / Cyber Terrorism / Info-Conflict / Kids Game / Coordinated Attacks?
Commentary (2000/12/09)

Information Warfare (IW) definitions can be change from one to anther. MAGLAN - Information Warfare Research Lab. defines their on-going researches based on the 3 resources; (1) the remarkable papers by Michael Wilson - 7PILLARS (, (2) a message from Michael Vatis - U.S. National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC), and (3) the non-official \ internal Israeli General Security Service definition. All three are focused on the protection of National Infrastructures.

Based on the above, and after 75 days of observing and exploring the IW activity, MAGLAN strongly believes that the current digital conflict between Israel to Palestine is most likely to range from Anonymously Coordinated Internet Attacks to Describable Cyber Terrorism Conflicts. Even though, national infrastructures (NI) were and are targets (mainly against Israel), the lunched attacks were of a very low quality and caused no any damage of any type or level for the Israeli NI.

Some Facts (as of 2000/12/09):