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What You Can Do

Take Action for The Right of Return
The Palestine Refugee Return March

Hold teach-ins to focus on the Palestine refugee right of return. Use effective educational materials for this purpose. Please refer to the excellent information provided at

Send a donation to The Palestine Right To Return Coalition, PRRC, P.O. Box 401, Hummelstown, PA 17036 to help defray the cost of the Palestine Refugee Return March and Rally.

Join the coalition of individuals and organizations working for the right of return.  Start with local groups such as your chapter, Peace Action and others whom you think might be interested.  To network with 280 other activists on this issue, send a blank message to You can also create a committee or participate in one of the several active ones (mass rally, rally funds, media, networking etc). To join a grassroots action committee in your area, please visit

"Write opinion editorials and letters to the editor in local newspapers about the right of return signed by one or several people, chapter presidents and/or boards of local organization. Talking points are providedA good resource for activism is a kit found at from the group called Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting.

Lobby congressional representatives in your areas. Organize delegations (don't have to be large) and set up personal meetings before the march/rally in Washington.

Encourage student and other organizations to adopt Right of Return resolutions. For a draft of such a resolution please send a message to

Take part in email action, letter write-in, and phone-in campaign to congressmen, senators, the state department and White House.  Write to them again ten days before September 16, the day scheduled for the rally.

Establish local committees and/or chapters to recruit and facilitate participation in the right of return rally on September 16 and scheduled lobby day on September 15.  Help to arrange transport i.e. rent buses or group plane transportation and secure accommodation (a listing of available accommodations will be provided at shortly).

Distribute The Palestine Refugee Return March flyer widely. Mail the flyer to all members of your community and their friends. The flyer is available in PDF format at

Publicize the rally at all events and in mosques, churches etc. Also hold local events to publicize the issue of the right of return and the rally (e.g. show films such as "Children of Shatilla") Make sure to issue press releases to local media about these events. For help with press releases write to

Sign and Circulate Right of Return petitions and refer to them in your letters and public events e.g. the one available at Help advertise The Palestine Refugee Return March in local community/chapter newsletters, and in local newspapers.

Advertise The Palestine Refugee Return March in national organizational publications.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has" Margaret Mead.


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