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We, the Israeli Internet Underground, are 'white-hats', ethical hackers, dedicated to the Israeli spirit and
united in order to protect Israel on the Internet against any kind of attacks from malicious hacking groups.

We act anonymously since some of us work in various hi-tech companies as security experts and system administrators. That is also the reason why we wish to remain anonymous, for that matter the rest of the
members are hackers who are anonymous for the privacy, safety and other obvious reasons.

This site was put up to provide a list with the names of all the companies and sites in Israel,
which are most probably going to be attacked in the near future by Islamic hacking groups.

We've identified vulnerable sites as sites that run services with commonly known security holes, like
BIND NXT overflow, IIS 4 holes, ftp format string bugs, and a lot more. More information about
public security problems can be found at

The public sites in Israel stand defenseless against those Islamic groups and that's why we decided
to be in their line of defense.

We therefore have contacted the leading security company in Israel, 2xs Ltd,
and they generously agreed to make reports with solutions,
explanations, etc. of the security problems for each affected site, free of charge.

We set up this site because of the recent cyber attacks on Israeli sites from Islamic hackings groups, and we stand as informative site with the only purpose to end the cyber war and help victims and others in the security field.

We see ourselves as a non-profit Organization with the goal to protect and to advance security issues in the Israeli Internet. Therefore, access to our site should be considered a privilege.

This site will also name Israeli sites that have been recently attacked by outside malicious crackers and groups. We only publish public information here, which can also be checked at other sites as well, such as:

IIU wishes to thank our friends at Vhost-Central for their support in hosting this site for us.
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