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Canada’s success in the international marketplace depends increasingly on the ability of its businesses and of government agencies to capitalize on global communications. Economic and social prosperity require access to new technologies, information infrastructure and multi-media communication. These avenues encourage business growth, job creation and development, greater access to international markets, and relationships within the international community.

The vulnerability of Canadian cyber-assets is of growing concern. The public and private sectors depend on telecommunication networks for effective and efficient operation. Many of these systems, normally taken for granted, are virtually defenseless against determined hackers. The potential exists that individuals looking for the challenge of ‘breaking into’ the cyber holdings of public institutions, foreign governments seeking classified information, “hacktivists” seeking to cause havoc in protest, or terrorists determined to cause widespread damage could have a serious impact on Canada’s information infrastructure.

CSIS advises Government on its assessment of the potential threat to public and private holdings from foreign governments or individuals of a security concern.

Backgrounder - Information Operations - July 17, 2001New

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