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Transnational Criminal Activity

Governments have had to harness the resources of all institutions capable of providing an active or supportive role in the fight against large scale criminal activity. Transnational crime is the globalization of criminal activity such as drug trafficking, corruption, arms dealing and money laundering, to name but a few. Technological advancement has made borders irrelevant to telecommunications and financial transactions. As a result, there are fewer obstacles in the way of organized criminal activities.

The increasing scope and power of groups involved in transnational crime has unsettled the international community, prompting the United Nations to declare transnational crime as its highest priority and members of the G-8 to affirm that it is one of the major challenges facing the world on the threshold of the 21st century.

The Service processes and disseminates strategic intelligence on transnational organized crime to relevant Canadian departments and tactical information to Canadian law enforcement authorities. Law enforcement agencies have the lead role in the fight against transnational crime in Canada. For this purpose, they collect both strategic and tactical intelligence, leading to arrests and prosecutions. The focus of CSIS is on its liaison relationships with foreign intelligence agencies and the contribution they can make to the overall effort.

Transnational Criminal Activity

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