Strategic Security Intelligence

NSTSSI Security Education Standards


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6.    COMSEC
      a.    General
            (1)     explain the impact of a COMSEC compromise;
            (2)     outline responsibilities for COMSEC accounting;

            (3)    identify the COMSEC custodian or COMSEC manager;
            (4)    explain how COMSEC material destruction and procedures can affect INFOSEC;
            (5)    describe methods of COMSEC material identification;
            (6)    identify responsibilities for COMSEC policy and guidance; and
            (7)    identify responsibilities associated with a controlling authority.

      b.    Technology
            (1)    identify cryptographic techniques;
            (2)    summarize the importance of the Electronic Key Management System to INFOSEC;
            (3)    evaluate encryption modes;
            (4)    define private key cryptography;
            (5)    define public key encryption;
            (6)    explain the concept of protective technology;
            (7)    discuss how the concept of two-person control may enhance information systems security; and
            (8)    associate voice communication security with INFOSEC.