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NSTSSI Security Education Standards


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7.    TEMPEST       
      a.    General

            (1)    identify the TEMPEST manager for your agency;
            (2)    list the responsibilities of the TEMPEST manager;
            (3)    identify the Certified TEMPEST Technical Authority (CTTA);
            (4)    list the responsibilities of the CTTA;

            (5)    discuss the principle of compromising emanations in relation to INFOSEC; and
            (6)    define the term "control zone."
      b.    Technical

            (1)    discuss the principle of electromagnetic interference in relation to INFOSEC;
            (2)    explain the concept protected distribution system to include:  approved telecommunications
                   system for the transmission of unencrypted sensitive information; system must have safeguards:
                   electromagnetic, physical, acoustical, electrical, and the transmission may be optical or electrica$
            (3)    discuss the red/black concept;
            (4)    define the term "shielded enclosures"; and
            (5)    compare a TEMPEST zone to a shielded enclosure.