Strategic Security Intelligence

NSTSSI Security Education Standards


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      a.    Role
            (1)     discuss the DAA role and responsibilities associated with life cycle management;
            (2)     discuss the DAA role and responsibility in acquisition;
            (3)     discuss the DAA role in development life cycle phase; and
            (4)     outline responsibilities for validation reporting.
      b.    Impact
             (1)     discuss the importance of an acceptance inspection;
             (2)     outline responsibilities associated with an acceptance test;
             (3)     discuss the impact of an acceptance trial;
             (4)     explain the impact of a critical design review (CDR);
             (5)     describe the value of a contract data requirements list (CDRL);
             (6)     recognize the importance of conformance testing;
             (7)     evaluate the significance of requirements traceability in INFOSEC; and
             (8)     compare a software architecture study and system security architecture study.