Strategic Security Intelligence

NSTSSI Security Education Standards


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      a.    Policies/Procedures

            (1)    identify basic/generic management issues;
            (2)    define change control policies;
            (3)    discuss documentation;
            (4)    explain electronic records management;
            (5)    describe object reuse;
            (6)    define operational procedure review;
            (7)    discuss policy enforcement;
            (8)    identify procedures;
            (9)    discuss security inspections; and  
            (10) describe local password management policy.
      b.    Countermeasures/Safeguards
            (1)    give examples of alarms, signals and reports;
            (2)    define application development control;
            (3)    assist in preparing assessments;  
            (4)    identify countermeasures;
            (5)    describe disaster recovery procedures;
            (6)    discuss disposition of classified information;
            (7)    practice disposition of media and data;
            (8)    practice document labeling;                           
            (9)    discuss proper use of security safeguards;
            (10) define separation of duties;
            (11) identify storage media protection and control; and
            (12) define system software controls.