Strategic Security Intelligence

NSTSSI Security Education Standards


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4.    AUDIT
      a.    Policies/Procedures
            (1)      use alarms, signals and reports in accordance with existing policies and
            (2)      summarize audit-related documentation;
            (3)      discuss electronic records management relative to compliance with local policies
                     and procedures; and
            (4)      describe three policies and/or procedures in which separation of duties is
                     appropriate or mandatory.
      b.    Countermeasures/Safeguards
            (1)      identify two countermeasures applicable to audit trail tampering; and
            (2)      describe three safeguards gained through use of audit trails.
      c.    Tools

            (1)      explain two major benefits of auditing;                      
            (2)      identify three audit tools;
            (3)      describe the major benefit gained through use of audit trails and logging policies;
            (4)      define an error log;
            (5)      explain two capabilities offered by expert security/audit tools;
            (6)      identify two intrusion detection systems; and
            (7)      describe the major operating system security features.