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                                               ANNEX A


Job functions

The INFOSEC functions of a System Administrator are:

             (1)    working closely with the Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) to ensure
                    the  Information System or network is used securely;
             (2)    participating in the Information Systems Security incident reporting program;
             (3)    assisting the ISSO in maintaining configuration control of the systems and
                    applications software;
             (4)    advisingthe ISSO of security anomalies or integrity loopholes; and
             (5)    administering, when applicable, user identification or authentication
                    mechanism(s) of the IS or network.

Terminal Objective:
Given various simulated scenarios and typical situations containing information systems
security issues, the System Administrator will be able to describe and apply the appropriate
actions to manage and administer the IS(s) in a secure manner.  To be acceptable, the description
must be in accordance with applicable INFOSEC regulations, policies, and guidelines.
List of performance items under competencies

In each of the competency areas listed below, the System Administrator shall perform the
following functions: