Strategic Security Intelligence

NSTSSI Security Education Standards


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             a. Life-Cycle System Security Planning

                   1)    explain life-cycle system security planning;                
                   2)    propose life-cycle system security attributes to involved site personnel; and
                   3)    propose improvements to the plans developed by site personnel.

             b. Set Certification Process Boundaries

                   1)    discuss setting certification boundaries;
                   2)    describe setting certification boundaries;
                   3)    influence certification boundaries;
                   4)    justify setting certification boundaries; and
                   5)    report the setting of certification boundaries as part of the SSAA.

             c.    Risk Management

                   appraise elements of life-cycle activity versus the risk management process
components of mission, vulnerabilities, threat, and countermeasures to determine if system
development activity is ready for certification.
             d. Knowledge and/or Awareness of Security Laws

                   use the knowledge and awareness of security laws to ensure system development
activities follow legal guidelines.