Protection and Security

on the

Information Superhighway

by Dr. Frederick B. Cohen

Copyright, Fred Cohen - 1995-7 - All Rights Reserved


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction

This chapter introduces the book by providing some intriguing questions and some facts and figures to support the main assumption of the book.

Chapter 2 - A Growing Dependency

This chapter describes how we depend on information and information systems for every aspect of our lives in modern society and how the damaging attacks on information or information services could be.

Chapter 3 - The Disrupters Are Among Us

This chapter describes the different sorts of actors that cause information protection failures and outlines their capabilities and what they do.

Chapter 4 - Asleep At The Switch

This chapter describes how the United States has missed the boat in information protection and gives historical reasons that solving today's challenges are complex and likely to take a long time.

Chapter 5 - Protecting Your Information Assets

This chapter tells you what people can do to protect their information assets, with descriptions ranging from individuals to companies of all sizes to national governments and military organizations.

Chapter 6 - Protection Posture Case Studies

This chapter describes information protection posture assessments and outlines the results of several of these assessments and how they effected the organizations that had them performed.

Chapter 7 - Summary and Conclusions

This chapter summarizes the books, draws conclusions, and concludes the main part of the book.

Appendix 1 - Details of the NII

This appendix describes some of the components of the national information infrastructure and its interation with other elements of the critical infrastructures.

Appendix 2 - Case Studies

This appendix gives details of information protection posture assessments for a wide range or organizations.